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This is a list.

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Reasons People Should Post More Lists [Feb. 3rd, 2006|07:02 am]
This is a list.


01) This is a community about lists. duh.
02) This community will fail if we don't.
03) Lists are spiritual, and will make you holy. Like the Swiss.
04) Don't ask what listyfied can do for you, ask what you can do for Listyfied!
05) Last night I had a dream about teaching Amy to tango.
06) It's a gouda thing to do.
07) Lists are like burritos, too much is not enough!
08) I'm horrible at making analogies, and it will help cure me.
09) I'll stop making cheesy jokes that aren't in good taste.
10) Life is like a box of chocolate.
11) This is eleventh on the list.
12) It's not groundhogs day anymore.
13) Listyfied is better than socialism.
14) Lists fight world hunger.
15) You know, it.
16) There's a straw next to my computer.
17) I just threw it away.
18) You joined the community, and should pull your fair weight.
19) Your mom. and your face.
20) It'll make me less insane.